TV Commercials

What’s the Amazon ‘Oh Baby You’ ad song?

What’s the name of the song playing in the new Spring 2019 Amazon TV commercial? The one with the lyrics “Oh baby you got what I need. You’ve got everything I need”.

There are a number of different Amazon adverts currently airing in various countries that feature this song, including one for the UK Spring Sale and the above cute dog ‘Welcome, Pet Owners’ American commercial. The tune used in the video is a version of Just a Friend, which was written and first recorded by the New York singer, rapper, DJ and comedian Biz Markie. However, the vocals featured in the Amazon ad version don’t sound exactly like the original or any other recording we’ve been able to find so far, so it could be a new cover recorded just for the ad. Also, the lyrics appear to have been slightly reworded.

You can however download the full Biz Markie single from and iTunes or stream a sample to judge for yourself how it compares to the advert track.

April 8 2019