‘American Gods’ Fantasy TV Drama Gets Starz Greenlight

American Gods: Starz fantasy TV drama adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel.

It was announced on Tuesday June 16, 2015 that Starz had commissioned a full season of American Gods, which is based on Neil Gaiman’s award-winning 2001 novel of the same name.

‘Hannibal’ and ‘Dead Like Me’ developer Bryan Fuller is set to work alongside ‘Kings’ Michael Green as the series writers and showrunners.


Every god, mythological being or creature that any culture, past or present has believed in are currently living on earth in human form.

Best described as a fantasy drama series, American Gods incorporates elements of both modern and ancient mythology. The stories central character is Shadow, a man who after being incarcerated for three years for robbery, is released a few days early due to the accidental death of his wife.

While taking a flight to attend her funeral, Shadow meets a man who somehow knows more about him than anyone else possibly could. Going by the name of Mr. Wednesday, it turns out this mysterious man is in fact the Norse god Odin.

But it’s not just the famous gods of ancient civilizations roaming the planet and mixing with regular mortals, the less clearly defined newer ‘gods’ of technology and wealth also exist, and it’s the struggle between these new and old figures which Shadow quickly gets caught up in.

We’re currently waiting for the first American Gods cast details to be released by Starz, but we’ll bring you all that information once it’s officially confirmed. We’ll also add premiere date and episode details as and when we get them.