TV Adverts

Aviva Plus Advert – New Existing Customer

UK insurance company Aviva has been bringing out some rather clever and amusing TV adverts over the last couple of years, and this 2019 ‘Disguise – New, Existing Customer’ commercial continues that trend.

Promoting AvivaPlus, the video shows a man disguising his appearance in an attempt to get a special new customer deal, despite being an existing customer. In a world where virtually every company appears to want to tempt us in with good offers, in the hope we won’t notice the price skyrocketing on renewal, many viewers will likely identify with this AvivaPlus ad. Although the actor being dragged away shouting “Why can’t we all just be treated the same?” looks familiar when he takes off his disguise, we haven’t yet been able to successfully research his name.

This 30-second advert ends with the voiceover saying “At your next car or home renewal, you’ll get the same price or better than if you were a new Aviva Plus customer”.