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Fargo TV Series Cast List – Season 1

Having been bullied all his life, even by his own wife, Lester Nygaard’s life drastically changes after a chance conversation in a hospital waiting room. While waiting to be treated for his broken nose, Lester gets talking to mysterious drifter Lorne Malvo, who happens to have a very different outlook on life.

Following the events this chance meeting leads to and with Malvo’s comments still ringing in his head, Nygaard eventually snaps.

Fargo 2014 TV Series Lead Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress

Lorne Malvo – Billy Bob Thornton

Lester Nygaard – Martin Freeman

Officer Molly Solverson – Allison Tolman

Officer Gus Grimly – Colin Hanks

Chief Bill Oswalt – Bob Odenkirk

Gina Hess – Kate Walsh

Mr. Wrench – Russell Harvard

Mr. Numbers – Adam Goldberg

Chaz Nygaard – Joshua Close

Kitty Nygaard – Rachel Blanchard

Stavros Milos – Oliver Platt

Lou Solverson – Keith Carradine

Greta Grimly – Joey King

Bo Munk – Tom Musgrave

Linda Park – Susan Park

Ida Thurman – Julie Ann Emery

Don Chumph – Glenn Howerton

Additional Fargo TV Series Cast by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1 – The Crocodile’s Dilemma

Police Chief Vern Thurman – Shawn Doyle

Sam Hess – Kevin O’Grady

Moe Hess – Liam Green

Mickey Hess – Atticus Dean Mitchell

Pearl Nygaard – Kelly Holden

Gordo Nygaard – Spencer Drever

Dep Hank Auerbach – Graham Littlefield

Dep Knudsen – Gary Valentine

Bruce Gold – Brian Markinson

Moe – Liam Green

Cindy – Chantal Perron

Paprika – Lori Ravensborg

Naked Man – Dave Trimble


Episode 2 – The Rooster Prince

Wink Jourdain – Peter Strand Rumpel

Helena Milos – Allegra Fulton

Dmitri Milos – Gordon S. Miller

Olaf Creech – James Dugan

Wink Jourdain – Peter Strand Rumpel

Lenny – Paul Braunstein

Perky Checkout Clerk – Marty Ronaghan

Rachel Ziskind – Leah Cairns

Mail Clerk – David LeReaney

Bartender – Sarah Elias

Young Man 2 – Graeme Black


Episode 3 – A Muddy Road

Lieutenant Ben Schmidt – Peter Breitmayer


Episode 4 – Eating the Blame

Young Stavros – Carlos Diaz

Young Helena – Eve Harlow


Episode 5 – The Six Ungraspables

Ari Ziskind – Byron Noble


Episode 6 – Buridan’s Ass

Mr Jergen – Andy King


Episode 7 – Who Shaves the Barber?

FBI Agent Pepper – Keegan-Michael Key

FBI Agent Budge – Jordan Peele

Agent Buchwald – Christopher Rosamond

Herc – Tayden Marks

Aquasizer – Bud Klasky


Episode 8 – The Heap

Louise Weezy Canton – Jennifer Copping

Gunter – Daniel Rousell


Episode 9 – A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage

Jemma Stalone – Helena Mattsson

Burt Canton – Stephen Root


Episode 10 – (Season Finale) Morton’s Fork

Ray Almond – Lorne Cardinal

The Fargo 2014 television series is a dark US drama, based on the Coen brothers 1996 Oscar-winning film of the same name.

This critically acclaimed show is broadcast on FX in the United States and Canada, on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and on SBS One in Australia. Season 1 of Fargo will run for 10 episodes.