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Cheat ITV Cast in Full – 2019 Drama

Actresses Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor head the Cheat ITV drama cast list, playing the roles of university lecturer Leah Dale and student Rose Vaughan respectively.

Episode 1 of the four-part new series premieres in the UK at 9:00 pm on Monday 11 March, 2019, with the next three episodes airing that same week on consecutive nights. The series plot sees Leah call out final year student Rose when she hands in a suspiciously high-grade essay, but the youngster doesn’t respond well to the accusation and quickly seeks revenge. But as we see early in the first episode, Leah is, in fact, guilty of some cheating of her own. From the very start, Cheat also teases viewers of dramatic events to come with Breaking Bad-style flash forwards.

Cheat ITV Full Cast List – 2019 TV Drama

Character Name – ACTOR NAME (Previous Work)

Leah Dale – KATHERINE KELLY (Coronation Street, Gentleman Jack, Mr Selfridge)
Rose Vaughan – MOLLY WINDSOR (Three Girls)
Adam Dale  – TOM GOODMAN-HILL (Humans, Mr Selfridge)
Angela Shadley – LORRAINE ASHBOURNE (Unforgotten, Jericho)
Michael Shadley – PETER FIRTH (Victoria, Strike Back)
Ben Jarvis – BURN GORMAN (Jamestown, TURN: Washington’s Spies)
Amy Frobisher – LARA ROSSI (Crossing Lines, Robin Hood)
Stephan Wilson – PARKER SAWYERS (Deep State, World on Fire)
DS Bould– JUSTINE MITCHELL (Amber, Pure)
DI Hammond – JIMMY AKINGBOLA (Living the Dream, Long Run)
Harriet Groves – NEVE McINTOSH (Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Shetland)
Sandra Chalmers – JOANNA BROOKES (Vanity Fair, Man Down)
William – ADRIAN EDMONDSON (Bancroft, Bottom)
Doctor – PHILIP BIRD (Emmerdale)
Ellie Chapel – AOIFE HINDS (Immortality)

The theme music to the above Cheat ITV trailer is a song by British singer and musician Tom Odell titled ‘Can’t Pretend’.