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Dead Pixels E4 Cast & Trailer

Here’s a look at the trailer and cast details for the new E4 comedy series Dead Pixels, which premieres on UK television in 2019.

The show follows three friends, Meg, Nicky and Usman, who all appear pretty addicted to playing a popular fantasy online role playing game called ‘Kingdom Scrolls’, which is set in a world full of wizards, wyverns and orcs. For this trio, the world of MMORPGs is far more fun and important than the real world, which includes flatmate Alison. Divided between the real world and the gaming world, Dead Pixels mixes live action video and computer animation.

Dead Pixels E4 Cast List – 2019 TV Comedy Series

Character – Actor Name (Previous Work)

Meg – Alexa Davies (Raised by Wolves, Harlots, Detectorists, Cradle to Grave)
Nicky – Will Merrick (Poldark, Brief Encounters, Skins)
Usman – Sargon Yelda (C.B. Strike, Zen)
Alison – Charlotte Ritchie (Call the Midwife, Fresh Meat, Siblings, Ghosts)
Russel – David Mumeni (Fearless, Sliced, The Windsors)

How many episodes of Dead Pixels on E4 are there?

This first season of Dead Pixels is a six-part series. At the time of writing this, the exact episode 1 start date is yet to be announced, but the show will premiere in Spring 2019.

The music playing in the above advert trailer is a song called ‘Brimful of Asha’, which was recorded by the British indie rock band Cornershop.