TV Adverts

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Nibbles Goat Advert – Jaffa Whaaaaat? with Joey Essex

McVitie’s have just brought out this bizarre new ‘Jaffa Whaaaaat?’ 2019 TV advert for their Jaffa Cakes Nibbles, which features a goat and reality television star Joey Essex.

The video shows the goat appearing anywhere people are eating Jaffa Cakes Nibbles, on the street, in the kitchen, even with Joey in a tanning salon waiting room.

Although it may not sound obvious at first, the goat is actually asking “Jaffa Whaaaaat?” as it tries to work out just what these McVitie’s Nibbles are. The #JaffaWhaaaaat advert finishes with the slogan “Irresistible to nibble. Impossible to describe”.