TV Adverts

McDonald’s Advert – Wedding Day – Going To The Chapel

This new May 2019 McDonald’s UK advert shows us a wide variety of wedding guests stopping off for a quick Maccy D’s while on route to the ceremony. We see a couple going in for a cheeky cheeseburger and a family using the drive-thru to grab some Chicken Nuggets, while inside the restaurant the best man nervously practices his speech and a woman belatedly debates whether or not her dress is too white.

As all this goes on inside, the bride drives past with her father hoping that everyone gets on.

Opening with the lyrics “Going to the chapel and we’re, gonna get married”, this ‘Wedding Day’ McDonald’s advert song is called ‘Chapel of Love’. This tune was recorded by American pop music and R&B girl group The Dixie Cups and was released as a single in 1964. You can stream or download the complete single from iTunes and Amazon.

Since its original recording, this song has been covered by many different singers and bands, including Bette Midler in 1972 and The Beach Boys in 1976. More recently a version of Chapel of Love was recorded by Elton John as part of the soundtrack to 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

6 May 2019