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Who sings the 2019 Mercedes GLE commercial song? – Did you ever want it?

What’s the name of the singer who’s performing the ‘In the Long Run’ Mercedes-Benz 2020 GLE commercial song and what’s the track called?

The music that begins playing about halfway through this 2019 TV ad for the Mercedes GLE is a song called ‘Cold Little Heart’ that was released in 2016. Featuring the lyrics “Did you ever want it? Did you want it bad?” just at the end of this advert video, the vocals were recorded by British folk-rock/soul singer-songwriter and musician, Michael Kiwanuka. Cold Little Heart was released as part of Michael’s second studio album ‘Love & Hate’.

A shortened version of an ad from last November and featuring the tagline ‘All Kinds of Strength’, this March 2019 ‘In the Long Run’ Mercedes-Benz USA commercial shows a female para-athlete training for and competing in a triathlon event.