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Mr Selfridge Season 2 Cast

Cast list for season 2 of the British period-drama TV series Mr Selfridge, which is jointly produced by ITV Studios and Masterpiece.

Episode 1 of the second season premiered in the UK on the 19th of January, 2014 and in the US on March 30, 2014.

Actors Name and Character

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge

Frances O’Connor as Rose Selfridge

Katherine Kelly as Lady Mae Loxley

Aidan McArdle as Lord Loxley

Aisling Loftus as Agnes Towler

Greg Austin as Gordon Selfridge

Kika Markham as Lois Selfridge

Poppy Lee Friar as Rosalie Selfridge

Alana Boden as Beatrice Selfridge

Millie Brady as Violette Selfridge

Alfie Boe (singer) as Richard Chapman

Ron Cook as Mr Crabb

Grégory Fitoussi as Henri Leclair

Trystan Gravelle as Victor Colleano

Amanda Abbington as Miss Mardle

Malcolm Rennie as Fraser

Samuel West as Frank Edwards

Amy Beth Hayes as Kitty Hawkins

Calum Callaghan as George Towler

Lauren Crace as Doris

Deborah Cornelius as Miss Blenkinsop

Cal Macaninch as Mr Thackeray

Sean Teale as Franco

Sadie Shimmin as Miss Plunkett

Polly Walker as Delphine Day

Tom Goodman-Hill as Mr Grove

Raymond Coulthard as Miles Edgerton

Terence Harvey as Dr Mann

Christopher Hunter as Crawford Jameson

Amanda Lawrence as Pimble

Oliver Farnworth as Florian Dupont

Vincenzo Nicoli as Uncle Gio

Jay Villiers as Bill Summertime

Joséphine de La Baume as Valerie Maurel

Philip Rosch as Mr Webb

Ria Zmitrowicz as Miss Ellis

Gina Bramhill as Susie Spender

Wendy Nottingham as Mrs Crabb

Iain McKee as Arnold Huxton

Sara Stewart as Winifred Bonfils Black

Anthony Howell as Jean Neuhaus

Joanna Brookes as Mrs Bull

Andrea Deck as Mabel Normand

Joseph Beattie as Mack Sennett

Sophia Carr-Gomm as Hattie

Matthew Wilson as Mr Pratt

Daisy Ridley as Roxy

Shaun Hennessy as Mr King

Kerry Shale as Walter Hines Page

Jalaal Hartley as Tom Regan

Sai Bennett as Jessie

Amy Morgan as Grace

Jack Fox as Jeremy Richardson

Victor Gardener as Jim

Eliza Jones as Elsie

Jonathan Howard as Ed

Daniel Kendrick as Dave

Crystal Leaity as Gabriella