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How many episodes in The Bay on ITV? – 2019 Drama

How many episodes of The Bay are there on ITV?

The number of episodes in the first series of The Bay on ITV is 6, with the show set to premiere at 9:00pm on Wednesday the 20th of March 2019. The six-part drama stars Grantchester actress Morven Christie as FLO (Family Liaison Officer) DS Lisa Armstrong. Despite being trained not to get personally involved in cases, that ability is put to the test when Lisa begins working on an investigation that involves a man, Sean Meredith (played by Jonas Armstrong), she recently met on a social night out. View The Bay full ITV cast list.

The storyline to ITV’s The Bay revolves around the disappearance of two twins, Dylan and Holly Meredith, who failed to return home after a night out down the local youth club. Early on in the investigation, their father Sean becomes the polices top suspect. You can get a preview of the programme in the above First Look video.