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The Trials of Jimmy Rose Cast List – ITV Drama

Cast of ‘The Trials of Jimmy Rose’: 2015 ITV drama series starring Ray Winstone and Amanda Redman.


Career criminal Jimmy Rose has been spending the last twelve years of his life serving time for armed robbery. Released from prison at the age of 61, Jimmy now looks forward to being reunited with his family, but his wife Jackie is no longer sure she loves him. Now a free man, Jimmy must take on the true responsibilities that being a husband, father and grandfather bring – This means staying on the right side of the law.

Pictured above: Actor Ray Winstone.

Premiere Date and Number of Episodes

Episode 1 of this three-part series will air on Sunday 30 August, 2015, at 9:00pm on ITV.

The Trials of Jimmy Rose Cast List – TV Drama

Character Name – Actor/Actress

Jimmy Rose – Ray Winstone – Great Expectations, Vincent, Beowulf movie, The Departed, Sexy Beast, Snow White and the Huntsman, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hugo, Bet365 In-Play TV Commercials

Jackie Rose – Amanda Redman – New Tricks, At Home with the Braithwaites, Honest, Little Dorrit, Mike Bassett: Manager, Hope and Glory, Dangerfield, Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This, Sexy Beast

Steve MacIntyre – John Lynch – The Fall, The Jury, The Passion, Sliding Doors

Roy Anderson – Paul Jesson – Rome, The Glass, Mr. Turner, Coriolanus

Sue Anderson – Marion Bailey – Him & Her, Case Histories, The Thing About Vince, Mr. Turner

Joe Rose – Tom Cullen – Downton Abbey, World Without End, The Last Days on Mars, Desert Dancer

Maria Rose – Leticia Dolera – Mad Dogs, Guante blanco, The Last Days, Man Push Cart

Julie Cooper – Charlotte Randle – Silent Witness, Legacy

Ellie Cooper – Montanna Thompson – Tracy Beaker, The Queen’s Nose

Elliot Cooper – Jadon Carnelly-Morris

Kerry Irwin – Pippa Bennett-Warner – The Smoke, River

Andy – Cavan Clerkin – Babylon, Pulling, EastEnders, Dead Set, Smack the Pony

Aaron – Jack Colgrave-Hirst

India Rose – Daisy Cooper-Kelly

Mehmet Orzil – Akin Gazi – Da Vinci’s Demons, Silent Witness, The Devil’s Double, Day of the Falcon

‘Ugly’ Tony Chivers – Mel Raido – Strike Back, The Informers, Clubbed, In Our Name

Doctor Halliwell – Laurietta Essien – Silent Witness, The Commander: Abduction

DC Fraser – Janine Mellor – Casualty, Fat Friends, South Riding

Charlie – Louis Mahoney – Being Human, Waking the Dead, Harbour Lights, Oscar Charlie


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