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The Village NBC Trailer – Song by Seeb & Jacob Banks

NBC have just released this preview video for their upcoming TV drama The Village, which has now had its premiere date set for Tuesday, March 19 2019 at 10/9c.

The show is set in an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York which, despite appearing pretty standard on the exterior, is far from ordinary on the inside. This is because the cast of characters living in the building have developed bonds that go far beyond those of your usual neighbors.

The Village NBC trailer song playing in the above video is a tune called ‘What Do You Love’ that was recorded by the Norwegian electronic dance music production duo Seeb. The single features vocals from the British R&B and soul singer Jacob Banks, with the song including the lyrics “Come outta the dark, into the light. Whatever your fear is, it will be alright”. Originally released in 1996, you can now download the full-length version of What Do You Love from iTunes and Amazon.