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The Musketeers BBC America Cast List (Season 1)

The Musketeers is a new historic action-drama series based on the Alexandre Dumas book, ‘The Three Musketeers’.

Created by Adrian Hodges, this ten-episode BBC TV series first premiered in the UK in January, 2014 and is set to begin airing in the US on BBC America in June, 2014.

Other channels broadcasting season 1 of The Musketeers include Norway’s NRK and Greece’s OTE Cinema 1 HD.

This guide includes the names of all the actors and actresses who played a character with a speaking role:

Lead Cast List

D’Artagnan – Luke Pasqualino

Athos – Tom Burke

Porthos – Howard Charles

Aramis – Santiago Cabrera

Cardinal Richelieu – Peter Capaldi

Milady de Winter – Maimie McCoy

Constance – Tamla Kari

Captain Treville – Hugo Speer

Louis XIII – Ryan Gage

Queen Anne – Alexandra Dowling

Bonacieux – Bo Poraj


Guest Cast List by Episode

Episode 1 – Friends and Enemies

Alexandre d’Artagnan – Oliver Cotton

Fournier – Chris Barnes

Gaudet – Philip Brodie

Raul Mendoza – David Verrey

Dujon – Joe Wredden

Adele Bessette – Emily Beecham

Adele’s Servant – Abigail Rice

Landlady – Flip Webster

Innkeeper – Nicholas McGaughey

Coachman – Alex Austin

Wealthy Husband – Will Tizard

Priest – Daniel Gosling

Inn Owner – Kevin Clarke

Guard – Dave Florez

Elderly Priest – Roger Ashton-Griffiths


Episode 2 – Sleight of Hand

Vadim – Jason Flemyng

Felix – Sean Cernow

Lavoie – Ian Barritt

LeClerc – Carl McCrystal

Suzette – Denise Gough

Jailer – John Poston

Prisoner – Lukas Vychopen

Passer-By – Jan Holik


Episode 3 – Commodities

Emile Bonnaire – James Callis

Maria Bonnaire – Anna Skellern

Thibault – Jim High

Paul Meunier – John Warnaby

Leon – Andres Williams

Remi Blacksmith – Tomas Masopust

Priest – Scott Williams

Spanish Shooter – Julian Bastida


Episode 4 – The Good Soldier

Marsac – JJ Feild

Duke of Savoy – Vincent Regan

Duchess of Savoy – Phoebe Fox

Louis Amadeus – Daniel Rchichev

Gontard – Adrian Schiller

Old Serge – Peter-Hugo Daly

Cluzet – Simon Paisley Day

Jailer – Martin Hancock


Episode 5 – The Homecoming

Charon – Ashley Walters

Flea – Fiona Glascott

Jean de Mauvoisin – Christophe Gilland

Émilie de Mauvoisin – Anton Lesser

Poupart – Brian Pettifer

Pastor Ferrand – Michael Jenn

Judge – Michael Cochrane

Captain – Matt Slack

Servant of de Mauvoisin – Vaclav Chalupa

Drunk Woman – Helen Cotteril


Episode 6 – The Exiles

Marie de Medici (The Kings Mother) – Tara Fitzgerald

Father Duval – David Burke

Agnés – Amy Nuttall

Vincent – Simon Merrells

Michel – Ben Adams

Kidnapper – Michal Kucera

Villager – Phil Snowden

Wet Nurse – Madelyn Marcella

Fixer – Brett Allen

Curate – Curtis Matthew


Episode 7 – A Rebellious Woman

Ninon de Larroque – Annabelle Wallis

Luca Sestini – John Lynch

Fleur Baudin – Alice Sanders

Therese – Hannah Sharp

Robert Baudin – Richard Hawley

Red Guard – Christian Jenner


Episode 8 – The Challenge

Labarge – Vinnie Jones

Alice Clerbeaux – Zoe Tapper

Captain Trudeau – John Lightbody

Lambert – Perry Fitzpatrick

Street Seller – Simon Meacock

Prison Guard – Christos Tolera

Priest – Richard Syms

Courtier – Giles Taylor


Episode 9 – Knight Takes Queen

Mother Superior – Gabrielle Reidy

Count Mellendorf – Roger Ringrose

Charlotte Mellendorf – Charlotte Hope

Sister Helene – Alice Patten

Jacques – Filip Nespor

Old Serge (With his firearm he calls ‘Cleopatra’) – Peter-Hugo Daly

Distressed Woman – Sarah Belcher

Thug – Leigh Jones


Episode 10 – Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

Sarazin – Sean Pertwee

Celine (Sarazin’s young female assistant) – Holly Earl

Count Mellendorf – Roger Ringrose

Charlotte Mellendorf – Charlotte Hope

Constance’s Maid – Virginia Fiol

Captain – Matt Slack

The announcement that the BBC had commissioned season 2 of The Musketeers was made on the 9th of February, 2014. The new series is expected to begin broadcasting sometime in early 2015.