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Better Call Saul Cast List – Characters & Cast Members

Full cast of Better Call Saul by episode: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Michael McKean, Rhea Seehorn, Michael Mando and Patrick Fabian star in Saul Goodman’s new Breaking Bad spin-off series.

Better Call Saul Cast List – Season 1 – 2015

Lead Cast Members

Character – Actor/Actress

Saul Goodman (aka James McGill, aka Slippin’ Jimmy) – Bob Odenkirk – Breaking Bad, Fargo, The Birthday Boys, Mr. Show with Bob and David, How I Met Your Mother, The Larry Sanders Show, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job

Better Call Saul cast members: Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote for Netflix, Inc.

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote for Netflix, Inc.

Mike Ehrmantraut (Saul’s fixer/enforcer) – Jonathan Banks – Breaking Bad, Wiseguy, Community, Fired Up, Day Break

Chuck McGill (Saul’s older brother) – Michael McKean – Primetime Glick, Family Tree, Dream On

Nacho Varga – Michael Mando – Orphan Black, The Far Cry Experience, La marraine, Les Bleus de Ramville, Far Cry 3 video game, The Far Cry Experience TV series

Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill Lawyers

Better Call Saul cast members: Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) with Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote for Netflix, Inc.

Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) with Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote for Netflix, Inc.

Kim Wexler – Rhea Seehorn – Whitney, Franklin & Bash, I’m with Her, The Singles Table, The Starter Wife

Howard Hamlin – Patrick Fabian – Joan of Arcadia, Gigantic, Working Class, Valentine, Big Love, Veronica Mars, Time of Your Life, Providence


Recurring Cast Members

Cal (Skateboarding twin brother) – Daniel Spenser Levine

Lars (Skateboarding twin brother) – Steven Levine

Betsy KettlemanJulie Ann Emery – Fargo, Then We Got Help!, Line of Fire, The Riches, ER, Damages, Commander in Chief, Hitch, The History of Future Folk

Craig KettlemanJeremy Shamos

Mrs NguyenEileen Fogarty – The Big Jump, Booked It!

Elderly Lady Driver/Tuco’s GrandmotherMiriam Colon – How to Make It in America

Tuco SalamancaRaymond Cruz – Breaking Bad, The Closer, Major Crimes, Los Americans, The Eddie Files, Lauren, My Name Is Earl

Contract Counsel AdministratorNadine Marissa

Detective 1 (In Kettleman dissappearance) – Dorian Missick – Southland, Lenox Avenue, The Cape, Haven, Six Degrees

Detective 2 (In Kettleman dissappearance) – Vincent Laresca – 24, Graceland, Weeds, 413 Hope St.

Salon Employee 4/1Bau Thi Duong

Chuck McGill’s Neighbor (In ‘stolen’ newspaper incident) – Rose Liotta

Stacey (Mike Ehrmantraut’s daughter-in-law) – Kerry Condon – Rome, Believe, Luck, The Walking Dead, Five Days, Unleashed

Kaylee (Mike’s grandaughter) – Faith Healey

Greg Sanders (Cop/investigator who knocks on Mike’s door) – Barry Shabaka Henley – Luck

Abbasi (Cop/investigator at Mike’s door) – Omid Abtahi – Those Who Kill, Damien, Last Resort, Over There, Sleeper Cell, Homeland, My Own Worst Enemy, 24, Ocean of Pearls

Warren Kettleman (The Kettleman’s son) – Caleb Burgess

Jo Jo Kettleman (The Kettleman’s daughter) – Sage Bell

Caldera (The vet who treats Mike) – Joe DeRosa

Mrs Landry (Winning bingo player/Sandpiper Crossing retirement home resident) – Jean Effron

Rick (Lead lawyer representing Sandpiper Crossing retirement homes) – Dennis Boutsikaris – Six Degrees, Shameless, Law & Order, Related, 100 Centre Street, Trinity, W., The Dream Team, Batteries Not Included

BrendaSarah Minnich

Jimmy’s Friend/Scam Accomplice – Mel Rodriguez – Getting On, Enlisted, Running Wilde, Choke.Kick.Girl.

Ernesto (HHM mail room employee) – Brandon K. Hampton – Friday Night Lights

Bingo Helper – Kelley Lewallen


Guest Cast by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1 Guest Cast – Uno (Including post-Breaking Bad flash-forward)

Cinnabon Employee 1 – Krista Kendall

Cinnabon Employee 2Raquel Pino

FrancisJames E. Dowling

Staring Cinnabon CustomerMichael Perez

JudgeLarry Glaister

BialiffLonnie Lane

ProsecutorStanford Kelley

Defendant 1 – Grant Barker

Defendant 2Clay Space

Defendant 3David Saiz

Salon Employee 1 – Victoria Pham-Gilchrist

Salon Employee 2Kim-Lan T. Phan

Salon Employee 3Nhu Thi Ta


Episode 2 Guest Cast – Mijo

GonzoJesus Payan Jr. – Breaking Bad

No-DozeCesar Garcia – Breaking Bad, Legit

DDA OakleyPeter Diseth

Snake FaceRobert Fortner

Dreamy Woman – Jamie Luner – All My Children, Melrose Place, 10-8: Officers on Duty, Profiler

Breadstick Breaking GuyJeff Poole

Angry FartherDavid Loving

Huge Male DeputyBruce Holmes


Episode 3 Guest Cast – Nacho

Jail DeputyJim Hatch


Episode 4 Guest Cast – Hero

Jimmy’s Alley Scam Victim – Kevin Weisman – Alias, Hello Ladies

Copyright Judge – Dawnn Lewis – The Secret Life of the American Teenager

TailorPaul Geoffrey – The Manageress

Billboard Worker (‘The dude’) – Eddie J. Fernandez – Day Break

Cameraman – Josh Fadem – 30 Rock

Sound GuyJulian Bonfiglio

Lady OnlookerStaci Robbins

Salon Employee 2Le Hai Dang


Episode 5 Guest Cast – Alpine Shepherd Boy

Big Ricky Sipes (The guy who wants to start his own independent state/country) – Joe Berryman

Roland Jaycocks (‘Sex toilet’ inventor) – Tim Baltz – Shrink

Mrs. Strauss (Elderly lady making her will/Alpine Shepherd Boy owner) – Carol Herman

Veteran Cop (At Chuck’s house) – Jacob Browne

Younger Cop (At Chuck’s house) – Ryan Jason Cook – Manhattan

Hospital NurseT.C. Warner – All My Children

Dr. Cruz (Chuck’s Hospital Doctor) – Clea DuVall – The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Carnivàle, American Horror Story, The Event, Heroes, Girl, Interrupted, Argo, The Faculty

Hospital Security GuardVincent E. McDaniel

Senior 1 (At the retirement home) – Francy Ivener

Senior 2 (At the retirement home) – John Liberatore


Episode 6 Guest Cast – Five-O

Francisco Fernandez (Cab driver) – Eric Martinez

APD Detective (Sat in during Mike’s police interview) – Daniel Knight

Sergeant Fensky (The older of the two cops Mike meets at the bar) – Billy Malone – Grey’s Anatomy, Extant

Officer Hoffman (The younger of the two cops Mike meets at the bar) – Lane Garrison – Prison Break, Bonnie and Clyde, The Event, From Dusk Till Dawn

Bartender – Steve Mokate


Episode 7 Guest Cast – Bingo

Lobby Guard (At office building) – Dan Moseley


Episode 8 Guest Cast – Rico

Burt (HHM mail room employee) – Sam Quinn

Paula (Retirement home receptionist) – Jillian Armenante – Judging Amy, Fresh Off the Boat, Bad Teacher, Girl, Interrupted

Reese (Sandpiper Crossing legal team) – Marty Lindsey

Jergens (Sandpiper Crossing legal team) – Geoffrey Pomeroy

Gary (Sandpiper Crossing security guard) – Tomas Sanchez

Harold (Sandpiper Crossing security guard) – Jermaine Washington

HHM Employee 1 – Janelle Santillanes

HHM Employee 2 – Gene Chavez

Vet’s Clerk – Carmela Morales

Sandpiper Crossing Employee – Erin Moots

Water Aerobics Instructor – Wendy Miner-Ashby


Episode 9 Guest Cast – Pimento

‘Pryce’ – Mark Proksch – The Office, Decker

Man Mountain (Large protection guy who runs away) – David Mattey – Hancock, The Legend of Neil

Unnamed (Protection guy with lots of guns) – Steven Ogg

Judge – James Cady

Nacho’s Man 1 – Lalo Flores

Nacho’s Man 2 – Victor A. Guajardo


Episode 10 Guest Cast – Marco

Bartender – Ricky Staffieri

Curt ($20 bill bar scam victim) – Austin Rising – The Roommates

Pierce ($20 bill bar scam victim) – Stafford Douglas – Manhattan

Coin Scam VIctim – Keith Kupferer

Bingo Player – Joe Conner

First Sucker – Dean Strober – Flock

Fifth Sucker – Aaron Worley

First woman getting dressed and leaving – Amy Davidson – 8 Simple Rules, So Little Time, The Capture of the Green River Killer, Annie’s Point

Second woman getting dressed and leaving – Jessica Marie Osbourne – The Amateur

Kevin (Final unsuccesful alley scam target) – Joseph Cranford

Bud (Smoking man outside funeral) – Mark Jeffrey Miller – We’re Alive

Merna – Ann James


AMC Preview Video

Season 1 Episode Titles List

Here’s the list of confirmed Better Call Saul episode titles:

1: Uno
2: Mijo
3: Nacho
4: Hero
5: Alpine Shepherd Boy
6: Five-O
7: Bingo
8: Rico
9: Pimento
10: Marco

Better Call Saul Premiere Dates – Two-Night Premiere Event

Episode 1 is set to premiere in the US on AMC at 10/9c on Sunday February 8, 2015, with episode 2 airing the following night.

Over in the UK on Netflix, the series premiere date will be Monday the 9th of February 2015, becoming available to watch online from 7:00am onwards. The second episode will then be added to Netflix UK the day after, with the following episodes coming every Tuesday at 7:00am.

Season 1 of BCS will be broadcast over 10 episodes, with a 13 episode second season already commissioned.


The show is a prequel spin-off to one of the greatest television series of all time, Breaking Bad. Set six years prior to his first appearance as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) ‘criminal’ lawyer/partner in crime, the series is based around the then small-time and struggling James McGill. Operating on both sides of the law, BCS follows Jimmy on his journey to becoming the successful TV and billboard plastered Saul Goodman.

As the series begins we see Jimmy trying to earn an honest living and make a name for himself simply through being a hard-working and legit lawyer. But desperate for cash and respect, McGill sees an opportunity to make some much needed money. However this time legality is less of a concern to ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’.

Accompanied by fellow BB character, his fixer and cleaner-upper Mike Ehrmantraut, Jimmy will be doing whatever it takes to make ends meet and transform himself into the comb-over sporting, massage loving Mr Goodman.

Being a prequel, you won’t have needed to watch Breaking Bad first in order to understand BCS, but if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a huge favor and start enjoying one heck of a television drama. The first series is good, but from season 2 on, it gets great, so stick with it.