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Better Call Saul Cast Members – Episode 1 – Uno

Better Call Saul cast members for ‘Uno’ – Season 1, Episode 1. This includes the black-and-white ‘Cinnabon’ flash forward where we meet Gene.

‘Uno’ Cast List

Pictured above: BCS cast members Michael McKean, Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk

Character – Actor/Actress

Jimmy McGill/Gene (Saul Goodman) – Bob Odenkirk
Cinnabon Worker #1 – Krista Kendall
Cinnabon Worker #2 – Raquel Pino
Staring Man – Michael Perez
Judge – Larry Glaister
Bialiff – Lonnie Lane
Defendant #1 – Grant Barker
Defendant #2 – Clay Space
Defendant #3 – David Saiz
Prosecutor – Stanford Kelley
Contract Counsel Administrator – Nadine Marissa
Mike Ehrmantraut – Jonathan Banks
Craig – Jeremy Shamos
Betsy – Julie Ann Emery
Brenda – Sarah Minnich
Francis – James E. Dowling
Howard Hamlin – Patrick Fabian
Kim WexlerRhea Seehorn
Chuck McGill – Michael McKean
Skateboarder Cal – Daniel Spenser Levine
Skateboarder Lars – Steven Levine
Salon Receptionist Mrs Nguyen – Eileen Fogarty
Salon Worker #1 – Victoria Pham-Gilchrist
Salon Worker #2 – Kim-Lan T. Phan
Salon Worker #3 – Nhu Thi Ta
Salon Worker #4 – Bau Thi Duong
Tuco’s Grandmother Elderly Relative – Miriam Colon
Tuco Salamanca – Raymond Cruz

Uno – Episode Guide – The Flash Forward

In true Breaking Bad tradition, episode 1 of Better Call Saul kicked off with a good old flash forward, or perhaps I should say flash well forward. For Uno’s opening black-and-white scenes weren’t a sneak preview of what was to come later in that episode, they weren’t even a look ahead to later in the series. What viewers instead got to see was Saul Goodman’s life post-Breaking Bad.

Sporting a new moustache and with his trademark comb-over having finally given up the ghost, this is what became of Saul after ‘disappearing’ from Albuquerque and the mess left behind by Walt. Working as the manager of a Cinnabon restaurant and clearly still on edge, Saul needlessly begins to panic when it appears a customer is staring him down.

Later back at home after a ‘Saul’ destroying day, Gene as he is now known, unwinds with a generous helping of alcohol. Tired of what’s on TV, he checks the coast is clear outside, draws the blinds and digs out a hidden video tape from behind the vent. Placing it in the VCR we hear the tape contains a collection of Saul’s old television ads, as Gene takes the opportunity to relive the ‘Goodman’ old days.

So if this flash forward tells us how it all ended for Saul Goodman, I guess it’s time to see how it all started. And so it begins.